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Arbaaz Khan recently tied the knot with make-up artist Sshura Khan. This news came as a big surprise. While the couple has not yet officially opened up about how they met and fell in love, reports suggested that it all started on the sets of ‘Patna Shukla’. The film stars Raveena Tandon and Sshura has been working with Raveena and her daughter Rasha Thadani for a while. ‘Patna Shukla is produced by Arbaaz and that’s how Arbaaz and Sshura met and fell in love.
Just a few months before Arbaaz and Sshura got married, Geogia Adriani had revealed that she and Arbaaz have broken up. They had been in a relationship for four years, but the reason was not revealed. Now after Arbaaz’s wedding to Sshura, Georgia has opened up in an interview with Zoom about the post break-up phase. She praised Arbaaz and said that he’s a very good human being and the emptiness of letting go off a partner will always be there. She added that letting go is not really easy but one has to move on.
Georgia said that she wishes him well for his new journey while she has also moved to another chapter of her life. In this interview, Georgia also opened up on the advice she’s good from any Bollywood actor. She said that while she doesn’t take any advice from anyone because she’s on her own individual journey, she recalled an advice she got from Salman. Georgia revealed that Salman had advised her to let go off her fringes (fringe style hairstyle). However, Georgia didn’t listen to his advice and kept them because she liked that hairstyle.


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