Richa Chadha opens up about her film ‘Girls Will Be Girls’ with Ali Fazal winning big at a film festival: ‘We both have good taste’ | – Times of India

Girls Will Be Girls‘ unfolds as a coming-of-age drama centered around a 16-year-old girl navigating the intricacies of her relationship with her mother. The remarkable film earned prestigious accolades in the World Cinema Dramatic Entry category, clinching both the Audience Award and the Special Jury Award for the stellar performance of lead actor Preeti Panigrahi.
Chadha conveyed the significance of winning an Audience Award at Sundance, emphasizing that the recognition indicates widespread global appreciation for the story. This type of acknowledgment, according to Chadha, plays a crucial role in extending the journey of an indie film.
The 37-year-old actor-producer emphasized that despite its subversive nature, the film maintains a gentle approach, and there was no need to aggressively push boundaries in this particular project.Chadha, known for her selection of distinctive scripts as an actor, expressed her excitement about narrating fresh and unique stories. She emphasized the potency of cinema as a compelling medium for storytelling.
Chadha and Ali, who became life partners in 2022, revealed the establishment of their collaborative production venture, Pushing Buttons Studios, in 2021.

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Chadha mentioned that their shared excellent taste in projects would lead to collaborations under their joint production banner. She explained that whether spearheaded by Ali, herself, or another team member, they are dedicated to working together on diverse projects.

Highlighting the global acclaim for Girls Will Be Girls, Chadha expressed her opinion that the recognition of Indian content, such as Delhi Crime, and the success of filmmakers like Guneet Monga and Shaunak Sen, serves as a significant boost for the industry.
She emphasized that Indian stories go beyond a formulaic approach and are narratives with the potential to resonate across borders, earning recognition and accolades on a global scale.

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