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Actress Lee Sung-kyung recently made appearance on ‘Suchwita’, where she opened up about her close friendship with BTS member Suga. The intimate conversation, which aired on February 5, was featured on BTS’s official YouTube channel, BANGTANTV, under the title ‘Suchwita EP.26 SUGA with Lee Sung-kyung’.
In the video, viewers witnessed a heartfelt exchange between Lee Sung-kyung and Suga, highlighting the depth of their bond. Suga reflected on their friendship, stating, “We’re so close. We’ve known each other for three years. After the pandemic broke out and our tour got canceled… It was the first time I went out after that to meet people. When I first met you, and even now, I feel like our energy levels are totally opposite”.
Throughout their conversation, the dynamic between the two friends became evident, with Suga noting the contrast in their energy levels. Playfully bantering, Lee Sung-kyung countered, “But you can be hyper sometimes too”, to which Suga humorously admitted, “Well, that’s when I’m in a good mood and kind of tipsy. I get hyper maybe twice a year?”
Their friendship blossomed through mutual connections in the music industry, and despite initial differences, they found common ground. Suga expressed his initial apprehension, admitting, “You’re bright, cheerful and full of energy. When I first met you, I felt like we wouldn’t be able to be friends. You and I were so different. For me, it’s like when I see people with high levels of energy, I kind of freeze up”. However, Lee Sung-kyung emphasized, “The group of people that met that day all clicked really well together. No one stands out. In your team, you always have to act like the eldest. You have to be responsible and stay centered. You’re not someone who lets people baby you and you find that awkward too”.
Acknowledging the dynamic within BTS, Suga expressed, “It’s the first time I’ve been the youngest in a group”, prompting Lee Sung-kyung to reassure him, “To us, you’re just the baby, the youngest. You’re the best! That’s how we rooted for you and how we expressed ourselves. Whatever you do, we’re okay with and you’re always supported no matter what. We look out for you”.

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