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During a celebration marking 40 years of Mahesh Bhatt‘s acclaimed film ‘Saaransh,’ the filmmaker shared a moving connection between the ghazal king, Jagjit Singh, and the movie’s real-life impact.
Mahesh Bhatt disclosed that after the tragic death of Jagjit Singh’s son, the iconic singer had to pay bribes to junior officers to secure his son‘s body. This real-life ordeal made Jagjit Singh realize the profound relevance and significance of ‘Saaransh.’
The film, starring Anupam Kher and Rohini Hattangadi, delves into the lives of an elderly Maharashtrian couple grappling with the loss of their only son.
‘Saaransh’ artfully explores themes of old age anxiety, loneliness, grief, and systemic corruption.
During the celebratory event, Mahesh Bhatt, in conversation with Anupam Kher, recounted Jagjit Singh’s personal experience, stating, “When the son of Jagjit Singh passed away in a tragic accident, he told me that he had to pay a bribe to junior officers to get his son’s body, and that’s when he understood the importance of ‘Saaransh.’” Mahesh Bhatt emphasized how the struggles faced by a common man to retrieve their loved ones’ bodies became a living reference point for the film.
Jagjit Singh’s only son, Vivek, lost his life in a car accident in 1990 at the young age of 20. The profound impact of this tragedy not only altered the trajectory of the ghazal maestro’s music but also led his wife, Chitra Singh, to withdraw from the world of music altogether.

Mahesh Bhatt and Anupam Kher reminisce about ‘Saaransh’ success in candid conversation

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