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Harry Potter star Emma Watson’s fun night out with her mom came to a rather frustrating end as the actress’ car was towed away by cops. The actress, who was spending a night out at a local pub, could only stand back and watch as her car was towed away and impounded.
According to the Daily Mail, the 33-year-old actress was left bargaining with tow truck drivers and pleading with the cops as they removed her car, which was ‘illegally’ parked on the street, blocking off an entrance to a pizza restaurant.
Eyewitnesses reported that Watson’s car had blocked the entrance to a car park, disregarding a prominent “no parking” sign. This led to inconvenience for the manager of a nearby restaurant, whose vehicle was blocked off for nearly four hours.The manager insisted that the cops were called in only after a search for the owner of the car proved unsuccessful. Eventually, it was only when the car was being taken away, that Emma and her mother appeared at the site, but was unable to prevent it.
The incident occurred at 9:42 pm, with the car being towed away by 10:21 pm, and no crime was officially recorded.
She was reportedly told to pay a fine of £192 to retrieve her car from the pound, with additional charges accruing for each day it remained impounded.
This incident follows closely after Watson was spotted driving the same car with a damaged front mirror that was held together with duct tape.

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