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Jennifer Lopez is doing what few other singers have done before – releasing a movie musical titled ‘This is Me…Now: A Love Story’. The film, which arrives in time for Valentine’s week, is a “surrealistic, escapist” look at a hopeless romantic’s journey through life. The musical which also acts as an album, is a sequel to her 2002 record ‘This is Me…Then’, inspired by Lopez’s personal life, including romance, break-up, reconnection and marriage with Ben Affleck.
At the global press conference, attended by ETimes, Lopez offered insights into the film, and her perspective on telling her story through song. “I had (director) Dave Meyers, who totally got what I wanted to do and was my partner through this,” Jennifer said and added, “My husband, who understood that as an artist, I had a story that I wanted to tell, besides just the music of the album, which inspired the whole thing.”

This Is Me… Now: A Love Story’ features great costumes, breathtaking choreography, and star-studded cameos from Ben Affleck, Jane Fonda, Sofia Vergara, Post Malone, Jay Shetty, Trevor Noah, Derek Hough and Sadhguru among others. Opening up about the intricacies of incorporating numerous celebrity cameos and the complexities of orchestrating their scenes, Lopez candidly acknowledged that it was a “challenge”.

“The challenges, we obviously had quite a few. Some came on the same day. Some didn’t we had to make it work. We did whatever we could,” she stated.

Director Dave Meyers elaborated on the logistical hurdles encountered, noting that most of the cameos were shot separately. “That was actually probably the hardest scene to edit because we kept rewriting the script. And you know a lot of them, you know, were personal friends of Jen’s and so there was a lot of, you know, like Jen had to switch out of performance mode and kind of come join me and kind of hold their hands and trying to because they didn’t understand what they were doing. They’re out there wearing funny costumes on a green screen.”

Lopez humorously recalled sharing the hesitations of her celebrity guests on the sets. She said, “They were like, ‘What am I doing?’ I was like, ‘Just trust me. It’s gonna be fine. I would never make you look crazy, and if it looks crazy, we’ll throw it in the garbage. Don’t worry about it.’ But luckily, it turned out well, and a lot of them have seen the film already and are so excited,” she recalled.

With anticipation building for the release of ‘This is me… now’, Lopez expressed her satisfaction with the positive reception the film has received thus far. She said, “I mean, the reaction has been… I mean, I could with everything that we’ve been through, it’s so kind of like satisfying to know that people love it.”
‘This Is Me… Now’ arrives on Amazon Prime, on February 16, 2024.

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