Usha Uthup says she will work with Miley Cyrus soon as she talks about her cover video of ‘Flowers’ going viral | – Times of India

Usha Uthup recently sang the cover of Miley CyrusEmmy winning songFlowers‘ and it went viral on the internet in no time. The cover song has been receiving immense love and appreciation from her fans.
Recently, in conversation with Hindustan Times, Usha Uthup expressed her gratitude for the overwhelming response. Uthup also conveyed her excitement, stating she was thrilled by the love her rendition received. She explained that her daughter, Anjali, introduced her to the song one day, and upon hearing it, she instantly fell in love with it.

Uthup shares the widespread appeal of her rendition, mentioning that she has been incorporating it into all her performances to great acclaim. She expresses excitement at the unexpected appreciation of her cover version, particularly on Instagram. Grateful for the positive feedback, she emphasizes her joy in knowing that people resonated with the song more because of her voice.

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The seasoned singer underscores the broad appeal of the song, noting that it resonates with people of all ages and genders. She expresses delight in the song’s success, attributing it to its beautiful lyrics. Uthup interprets it as a new type of breakup song, focusing on the positivity of female empowerment. She always concludes with the line “I can’t do without your love,” emphasizing her need for the audience’s affection.

The 76-year-old singer expresses her admiration for Miley Cyrus and her recent Grammy win for the song, conveying her excitement and anticipation for Cyrus to hear her rendition. She hopes Cyrus will enjoy it and eagerly anticipates the possibility of collaborating with her in the near future.

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