‘Marry My Husband’ tops buzzworthy drama list; Park Min Young, Lee Yi Kyung dominate the actor list – Times of India

Once again, the TV show ‘Marry My Husband’ is making big waves! For the fifth week straight, it’s holding onto the number one spot as the most talked-about drama. This ranking comes from Good Data Corporation. And there is more, not only is the drama on top, but its actors are shining too! The stars of ‘Marry My Husband’ are owning the spotlight, with Park Min Young at number one, Lee Yi Kyung at number two, Song Ha Yoon at number three, and Na In Woo at number seven.
Other shows are making waves too. ‘Captivating the King’ climbed to second place, with Jo Jung Suk and Shin Se Kyung, its main actors, ranking fourth and tenth on the actor list. ‘Knight Flower’ from MBC rose to third place, and Honey Lee, its lead actress, stayed strong at number five. ‘Doctor Slump’ from JTBC also saw a jump, landing at number four on the drama list, while Park Hyung Sik and Park Shin Hye, its stars, took eighth and ninth place on the actor list. And let’s not forget ‘Korea-Khitan War’ from KBS 2TV, which held steady at number five.
A new entry, ‘Queen of Divorce’ from JTBC, debuted at number six on the drama list, with star Lee Ji Ah entering the actor rankings at the same position.
Here are the top 10 TV dramas that got people talking this week:
  1. Marry My Husband
  2. Captivating the King
  3. Knight Flower
  4. Doctor Slump
  5. Korea-Khitan War
  6. Queen of Divorce
  7. Flex x Cop
  8. Love Song for Illusion
  9. Third Marriage
  10. Live Your Own Life

Meanwhile, the top 10 drama actors getting all the buzz this week are:

  1. Park Min Young
  2. Lee Yi Kyung
  3. Song Ha Yoon
  4. Jo Jung Suk
  5. Honey Lee
  6. Lee Ji Ah
  7. Na In Woo
  8. Park Hyung Sik
  9. Park Shin Hye
  10. Shin Se Kyung

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