Park Hyung-sik and Park Shin-hye: Behind-the-Scenes Chemistry from ‘Doctor Slump’ | – Times of India

Actor Park Hyung-sik has treated fans to a delightful glimpse into the off-set chemistry between himself and co-star Park Shin-hye from the ongoing romantic comedy K-drama ‘Doctor Slump’. Taking to his Instagram account, Park Hyung-sik shared four captivating slides of photos.
The first two photos capture Park Hyung-sik and Park Shin-hye in a picturesque countryside setting, beaming with infectious smiles as they strike victory and heart signs towards the camera. Park Shin-hye exudes elegance in a formal grey outfit paired with a crisp white shirt, while Park Hyung-sik opts for a more casual ensemble, sporting a beige shirt, navy hoodie, and denim pants.
In the third snapshot, Park Hyung-sik is depicted gazing out towards a flock of sheep in the distance, adding a touch of tranquility to the scenic backdrop. Finally, the last photo captures a candid moment as Park Hyung-sik rides a bicycle equipped with an umbrella, perhaps seeking respite from the summer heat. Accompanying the charming visuals is Park Hyung-sik’s caption, ‘Jeongwoo Sky’, a nod to his character’s name in the series, Yeo Jeong-woo.
‘Doctor Slump’ revolves around the captivating journey of Nam Ha-neul, played by Park Shin-hye and Yeo Jeong-woo, portrayed by Park Hyung-sik, two individuals with promising careers who find themselves in a slump due to various circumstances. Despite their initial animosity towards each other stemming from their high school rivalry, fate intervenes, leading them to live together and embark on a journey of rediscovery and romance.

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