Kiran Rao says her relationship with Aamir Khan is beyond marriage: ‘We may be divorced but we are still family’ | – Times of India

Kiran Rao and Aamir Khan announced their divorce in 2021 after they tied the knot in 2005. The ex-couple continue to collaborate for work and also share a great friendship with each other even after the divorce. Aamir has produced Kiran’s next directorial ‘Laapataa Ladies’ which is set to release on March 1.
During the promotions, Kiran spoke about her relationship with Aamir. In an interview with Connect FM Canada, Kiran said that working together even after their divorce came very naturally to them. They understand each other very well and that goes beyond marital relationship. They are creatively quite close, said Kiran and share similar opinions on issues.
She further added that they didn’t have an acrimonious divorce. “We also live in the same housing society. My mother-in-law stays upstairs, Reena lives next door and Nuzhat (Aamir’s cousin) also lives nearby. It’s because we genuinely like each other as human beings. I hang out with Reena and Nuzhat independently of Aamir, too. My sisters-in-law live upstairs and I adore them. These are relationships you shouldn’t lose if you get divorced. Aamir and I didn’t have an acrimonious divorce; we may have parted as a couple, but we are very much a family,” revealed Kiran.
The filmmaker said that the basis of their relationship was that it was very familial and honest and that’s something one cannot erase. “We never even had any acrimonious fallouts or big fights. We just wanted to redefine our relationship. We wanted to remain a family, but not be married. So we just made our own rules. I don’t think relationships can be given social tags. This just happens to be unusual for people, that two divorced individuals want to continue working together, live in the same building, have meals often. I would not have been happy if the dissolution of our marriage had resulted in the end of our relationship,” expressed Kiran.

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