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In Hinduism, the reverence of the Sun God holds immense importance and auspiciousness. Lord Surya is revered and worshipped on numerous special occasions, with Sankranti holding a particular significance. Occurring on varying dates each year, in 2024, Kumbh Sankranti falls on February 13th. The auspicious timing of the day is relatively brief, subject to annual variation due to the Sun’s positioning. 

Kumbha Sankranti holds profound significance as it marks the commencement of the Kumbha Mela, the world’s largest religious gathering, convened once every twelve years at revered sites like Haridwar, Allahabad, and the Godavari River in Nasik. Millions converge upon the banks of the Ganga River to partake in the holy bath, seeking purification from sins and malevolent influences.

Kumbha Sankranti 2024: Date and Time

According to Drik Panchang, Kumbh Sankranti is slated for February 13, 2024. The Sun is anticipated to ingress into Aquarius at 03:54 PM. In astrological circles, the act of donating black sesame seeds on Kumbh Sankranti is deemed highly propitious.

Sunrise: 7:04 am

Sunset: 6:17 am

Punya Kaal Muhurat: February 13, from 9:22 am to 3:44 pm

Maha Punya Kaal Muhurat: February 13, from 3:22 pm to 3:44 pm

Kumbha Sankranti Significance

The moment at which the Sun traverses into a new zodiac sign, particularly Aquarius during Kumbh Sankranti, is accorded the same significance as other auspicious occasions like Purnima (full moon), Amavasya (new moon), and Ekadashi. Observing Surya Dev during this Sankranti augments the Sun’s influence in the natal chart, facilitating professional growth and nurturing familial bonds. With the impending celestial transition into Aquarius, Kumbh Sankranti heralds a day brimming with spiritual profundity and avenues for personal evolution.

Kumbha Sankranti Vrat Rituals

– Bathing in the holy waters of River Ganga is a primary ritual.

– If unable to bathe in Ganga, alternatives like Godavari, Yamuna, or Shipra are acceptable.

– Devotees should pray and meditate to Goddess Ganga with complete devotion for success in life.

– Donation to Brahmin Pandits is a customary practice as part of Kumbha Sankranti Vrat Vidhi.

– Offering to cows is considered highly auspicious and beneficial on this day.

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