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Following the recent loss of veteran actor Rituraj Singh, his close friend, actor Anup Soni, fondly recalled their decades-long bond. Soni expressed his shock and sadness at Singh’s passing, admitting disbelief upon learning about his pancreatic illness. His voice trembled with emotion as he reflected on their friendship.
Anup Soni reminisced about the genuine bond he shared with Rituraj Singh, tracing back to their first encounter during Soni’s early days at the National School of Drama. He vividly remembered seeing Singh perform in a play at Shri Ram Centre alongside Barry John and Manoj Bajpayee, which left a lasting impression on him. Upon moving to Mumbai, Soni discovered that Singh was already established in the acting scene, featuring in shows like Banegi Apni Baat and others.

In Mumbai, their journey in the acting world blossomed together. Anup Soni recalled their collaboration on the show ‘Safar,’ which also featured late actor Irrfan Khan, Rituraj Singh, Deepika Deshpande, Kitu Kitwani, and Karan Shah. It was during this time that their friendship with Singh truly began.

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Reflecting on Rituraj Singh’s mentorship and camaraderie during their collaboration, Anup Soni, aged 49, expressed deep admiration for his guidance. Despite Soni being a newcomer at the time, Singh, along with the others who were already established, always supported him and never displayed a sense of seniority. Their connection stemmed from their shared theatre backgrounds from NSD, creating a bond akin to that of a guru and disciple. Soni fondly recalled Singh’s encouragement, often advising him, “Keep working, kaam karoge toh log dekhenge” (Keep working, people will notice).

Their friendship went beyond professional roles, developing into a treasured companionship. Anup Soni noted that after the initial senior-junior dynamic, they became close friends. Soni affectionately referred to him as “Ritz” rather than addressing him formally. They shared many enjoyable moments and continued to meet regularly even after their professional collaboration, thanks to their shared circle of friends.
In a recent project, ‘Satyamev Jayate,’ Anup and Rituraj shared a scene together, offering them the opportunity to reconnect and reminisce about their longstanding friendship during their time filming in Lucknow. Their bond, spanning several years, remains a cherished aspect of Soni’s life.

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