Kangana Ranaut Slams Twinkle Khanna as a ‘Privileged Brat’ for Comparing Men to Plastic Bags: Is that Feminism? | – Times of India

Twinkle Khanna, who is known for her wit and humour, had made light-hearted comments about men at an event in December and compared them to plastic bags. However, Kangana Ranaut didn’t mince her words as she heavily criticised Akshay Kumar‘s wife for her past comments on men.
In a scathing rebuke, Kangana labeled Twinkle as a ‘privileged brat‘ and questioned her understanding of feminism.Called her a ‘nepo kid‘, Kangana said that individuals like Twinkle, who are born into privilege, fail to appreciate the opportunities offered to them.
“What are these privileged brats who call their men polythene bags, are they trying to be cool? Nepo kids born with silver spoon, given film careers on golden platters, couldn’t do justice to that for sure, least they could do find some joy and fulfilment in selflessness of motherhood that also seems like a curse in their case what exactly do they want to be? Vegetables? Is that feminism?” Kangana reacted to Twinkle’s old interview.

Twinkle’s original comments centered around her upbringing and her mother Dimple Kapadia‘s influence on her views regarding relationships and independence. She humorously recounted how her mother instilled in her the notion that women do not necessarily need men to lead fulfilling lives. “It would be very nice to have a man, like you would have a nice handbag. But even if you had a plastic bag it would do,” she had said.

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Then she had further added, “They lose their hair, start wrapping the four strands, round and round, on their heads. Luckily for most women, they die 10-15 years before us. You have to feel a little sorry for them also. So I had to walk backwards that perhaps we (women) are not superior but we are sort of equals. That has been my journey to feminism.”

For the uninitiated, Twinkle transitioned from acting to writing and since then she has been known for her candid and humorous take on various subjects. She has two children, Aarav and Nitara, with her husband Akshay Kumar.

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