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Despite being a die-hard romantic, Shamita Shetty, at 45, is yet to find her significant other. She had earlier mentioned that she wants to take it easy and wait for the right guy to enter her life. However, her single status recently became a topic of trolling to a social media user, who shamed her for being unmarried as she inches closer to her 50s. But Shamita proved her resilience as she addressed the trolling by delivering a powerful message of self-love and acceptance.
The incident unfolded when a comment surfaced on one of Shamita’s posts, reading, “Buddy Shetty 50 years have passed and there is no man.” Rather than ignoring the negativity, Shamita chose to address it directly.
In her response, Shetty elegantly dismissed the notion that marriage defines a woman’s worth. She slammed the trolled stating, “I want to take time out to respond to this very kind lady trying to put another woman down for not being married. Kudos to you.”

She continued, “Mission successful, FYI getting married is not my only purpose in life. Being happy and content and independent in life with gratitude in my heart always is. Wishing you a lot of positivity in your life. I hope you never try to pull another woman down again. If you have nothing nice to say to people, best be quiet.”

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Shamita’s dignified reply not only shut down the troll but also resonated deeply with her followers, earning widespread praise for its boldness and honesty.

Most recently, Shamita was in a relationship with her fellow Bigg Boss OTT contestant Raqesh Bapat. They parted ways after the end of Bigg Boss 15. She confirmed her breakup with Raqesh on Instagram as she wrote, “Think it’s important to make this clear. Raqesh and I are no longer together and have not been for a while, but this beautiful music video is for all the fans who’ve given us so much love and support. Do continue to shower us with your love as individuals too. Here’s to positivity and newer horizons. Love and gratitude to you all.”

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