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Kangana Ranaut’s ‘Queen’ is one of the classics we have in the Indian film industry. The movie not only served as a milestone for the actress but also showed the prowess of storytelling in Bollywood. Right after its release, the fans wanted to have a sequel to the movie. And it seems like finally, the makers have heard the wises of the audience as director Vikas Bahl recently confirmed that the script for ‘Queen 2’ is now finalized.
During a conversation with News18, Vikas mentioned that though ‘Queen’ released a decade ago, the kind of love it got, and the way people anticipate the release of its sequel, it appears as the movie made it to the theatres just yesterday. He added he is happy to announce that the story is done, and sequel should happen.

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He acknowleded the pressure to meet expectations, and emphasized the importance of a compelling story. He further added, if he had to make the movie just for the money, he would have made it four years ago, but he took his own time with the story.

‘Queen,’ gained cult status for its feminist narrative. Kangana Ranaut’s portrayal of Rani, a woman embarking on a solo European honeymoon after a last-minute wedding cancellation, resonated with audiences, earning acclaim and turning the film into a cultural phenomenon.

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