Milan Luthria reveals no one cast Nana Patekar after ‘Ab Tak Chhappan’; says he was sitting at home for one and a half years | – Times of India

Milan Luthria, who is celebrating 18 years of ‘Taxi No 9211‘ on February 24, recently opened up about how Nana Patekar was without work after ‘Ab Tak Chhappan‘.
Spilling the beans on the story of casting Nana Patekar and John Abraham, Milan revealed that he was enthusiastic about casting Nana and John for the role. He humorously recounted how he approached Nana, recalling the moment when he called him. Nana’s initial response, “Kaun hai?” prompted Milan to introduce himself and his work. Despite Nana’s nonchalant response, Milan arranged a meeting with him at the Worli shooting range within thirty minutes, showcasing Nana’s spontaneous and straightforward nature.

The renowned filmmaker further elaborated on the encounter, explaining that upon arriving at the shooting range, he found Nana practicing gun firing, a sport in which he excelled and dedicated four hours a day. Nana then suggested they take a walk along the Sea Face while Milan narrated the story to him. Impressed by the story, Nana promptly agreed to be a part of the film, affirming, “Achha story hai. Main karta hai film.”

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After finalizing Nana Patekar for the role, Milan Luthria contacted his first choice for the character of the arrogant, wealthy man. He recounted calling John Abraham, who agreed to meet the next day at Taj Lands’ End at noon. Accompanied by Bipasha Basu, Milan was surprised to see her there and questioned her presence. Bipasha explained that she was there to ensure John didn’t decline the offer. Milan narrated the story to John, who initially hesitated, but Bipasha insisted, saying, “You have to do the film.”
Milan continued, recalling the moment when Pooja Bhatt, who happened to be seated nearby, noticed them and jokingly intervened, urging John to accept Milan’s script by saying, “You are listening to Milan’s script? You better say Yes.” This lighthearted exchange further pressured John to make a decision, adding a humorous touch to the situation.

Within less than 24 hours, Milan Luthria successfully secured both of his desired actors for the roles. The following day, he met with producer Ramesh Sippy and shared the news of his accomplishment. Ramesh was taken aback, expressing surprise and questioning when this had occurred, given their recent meeting where Milan had not yet finalized any actors. Undeterred, Milan affirmed his decision, stating that he had indeed secured his actors and was proceeding with the project. He emphasized his intention to cast opposites, noting that Nana Patekar and John Abraham couldn’t be more different from each other.

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