Park Seo Joon treats fans to vacation snapshots on Instagram: Leaves followers guessing ‘What’s Going On’ | – Times of India

Park Seo Joon, the beloved actor known for his charismatic presence on and off the screen, recently sent fans into a frenzy with a series of captivating snapshots from his vacation. Taking to Instagram, the star shared glimpses of his leisurely getaway under the caption, “What’s going on 1”.
The series of snaps begins with a breathtaking view of a rooftop pool overlooking the sea and palm trees, with Park Seo Joon’s bare back turned to the camera.The juxtaposition of the stunning scenery and the actor’s toned physique sparked a playful debate among fans, who couldn’t decide which was the more mesmerizing sight.
In another picture, Park Seo Joon gives laid-back vibes in a casual attire of a t-shirt, shorts, and cap, radiating effortless charm and relaxation. A playful moment captured in a car without doors showcases the actor’s carefree spirit, as he peeks out with a mischievous grin.

In one clip, the actor can be seen waving to adoring fans at the airport, his infectious smile shining through his eyes despite wearing a mask. In another playful video, Park Seo Joon turns the camera towards his own advertisement displayed on a screen, delighting in the playful antics of zooming in and out.
Fans flooded his social media posts with an outpouring of love and support, expressing their delight at seeing the actor enjoying some well-deserved rest and relaxation. Comments such as “So glad you’re resting well”, and “You look happy and healthy. I’m glad you’re having fun”, highlighted the fans’ genuine concern for Park Seo Joon’s well-being. Others reminisced about his iconic role in ‘Secretary Kim’, with one fan stating, “last video reminded me of your role secretary Kim… loved the show”.
Some even asked for more glimpses of his vacation, eagerly hoping, “Looking forward to ‘What’s going on 2”. Another fan exclaimed, “Thanks for sharing your travel records! Even got me a very smiling face!”
Amidst the excitement of his vacation, Park Seo Joon also made headlines with the announcement of his return to the small screen in the highly anticipated second season of ‘Jinny’s Kitchen’, alongside co-stars Jung Yu Mi, Choi Woo Shik, and more. The star-studded cast is set to enjoy a culinary adventure in Iceland, with filming scheduled to begin in mid-March.

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