Goo Hye-sun celebrates graduation with highest score; Shares stunning photos | – Times of India

Actress Goo Hye-sun, known for her role in classic hit K-drama ‘Boys Over Flowers‘, is celebrating a major milestone in her academic journey, as she proudly shared photos from her recent graduation ceremony on social media, on February 26. With a radiant smile and doll-like beauty, Goo Hye-sun posed with her university diploma and graduation cap, captioning, “Graduation ceremony! I got summa cum laude! Thank you… I’m so happy”.
The actress had previously announced her impending graduation on February 14, expressing, “Finally, I’m going to graduate on the 23rd after a long journey. I’m very happy to write this post and reveal that I’ll graduate with the highest score in the class (Summa Cum Laude), which was what I aimed for”. In a message to her fans, Goo Hye-sun credited her fellow students and professors, “I will never forget fellow students and the professors of Sungkyunkwan University who helped me achieve small achievements one by one during the time I felt lost. Thank you”.
Accompanying her graduation announcement were photos of Goo Hye-sun’s official graduation portrait and report card, showcasing her impressive academic achievement with an average score of 4.27 out of 4.5.
After initially enrolling in the Department of Broadcasting and Entertainment at Seoul Institute of the Arts in 2003, she temporarily put her studies on hold to pursue opportunities in the entertainment industry. However, her passion for learning led her to re-enroll in the Department of Imaging at Sungkyunkwan University in 2011. Later she again had to take a hiatus from studies due to the demands of her thriving entertainment career, but Goo Hye-sun remained committed to her education and resumed her studies in 2019, where she eventually completed her degree.

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