Sameera Reddy recalls ‘Aur Ahista’: Everything I am today is because of this song and Pankaj Udhas, the legend- Exclusive | – Times of India

The world of music and cinema mourns the loss of the iconic ghazal maestro, Pankaj Udhas, who left an indelible mark on the industry. Among those grieving his demise is actress Sameera Reddy, whose cinematic journey was introduced to the world through Udhas’s timeless song ‘Aur Ahista.’ The legendary singer passed away at the age of 79 after battling a prolonged illness.
In an exclusive conversation with ETimes, Sameera Reddy shared her deep connection with Pankaj Udhas’s music, particularly the song that marked the beginning of her illustrious career. She expressed, “For kids in their 90s, it is a song that will never leave us. It is such an emotion, and till today, people remember me by that song. It’s something, how do I say this, it changed my life.”

Tears and tributes flow as ghazal maestro Pankaj Udhas passes away due to prolonged illness

Sameera revealed the profound impact the song had on her career trajectory, stating, “People don’t know this, but my career began with this song, and I got into movies because of this song. Everything I am today is because of this song and Pankaj Udhas, the legend. And the fact that they chose me, I just happened to be there.”
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The actress expressed the heaviness of the news, remarking, “So yeah, this is very hard-hitting news for me, and it is this song till now. Even when I post it, I know it brings together a generation that comes together because of an emotion created with this song. That’s how powerful his voice was and always will be for us.”
Sameera Reddy’s sentiments reflect the enduring impact of Pankaj Udhas’s music, transcending time and generations. As the world remembers the legendary singer, the echoes of ‘Aur Ahista’ continue to resonate, weaving a thread of nostalgia and emotion that connects people across the years.

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