Im Soo Hyang struggles to balance family and fame as a top actress in ‘Beauty and Mr. Romantic’ | – Times of India

The much awaited weekend drama ‘Beauty and Mr. Romantic’ unveils its first glimpse into the world of Im Soo Hyang‘s character. Set against the backdrop of the entertainment industry, ‘Beauty and Mr. Romantic’ narrates the love story between a seasoned actress and a determined producing director (PD).
Im Soo Hyang takes on the role of Park Do Ra, a top-tier actress who has weathered numerous trials and tribulations throughout her career to achieve success on the silver screen.Meanwhile, Ji Hyun Woo portrays Go Pil Seung, a PD driven by ambitious aspirations for professional success.
Despite her outward success, Park Do Ra finds herself trapped in a suffocating cycle of pressure and expectation, particularly under the relentless scrutiny of her mother. As the primary provider for her family over the past 15 years, she grapples with the weight of her responsibilities and yearns for liberation.
In the newly released stills, Im Soo hyang portraying Park Do Ra, emits a chic and self-assured vibe that perfectly matches her stature as a top-tier star. With a commanding presence, she effortlessly draws attention, offering viewers a glimpse of her character.
The production team of ‘Beauty and Mr. Romantic’ praises Im Soo Hyang, stating, “Im Soo Hyang is an irresistible actress with mesmerizing charm. With her impeccable synchronization [with her character] and meticulous acting, she creates a fantastic synergy. Please look forward to her remarkable performance”. Following the finale of ‘Live Your Own Life’, the premiere of ‘Beauty and Mr. Romantic’ is scheduled for March 23.

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