Strong Woman Do Bong Soon, The Heirs, True Beauty and more: K-dramas with love triangles that will keep you glued to the screen | The Times of India

In the series ‘Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo’, viewers are treated to a delightful twist on the classic love triangle. Here, Kim Bok Joo, a dedicated weightlifter portrayed by Lee Sung Kyung, finds herself smitten with her best friend’s brother, Dr. Jung Jae Yi, played by Lee Jae Yoon. However, the story takes a refreshing turn when her supportive friend, Jung Joon Hyung, portrayed by Nam Joo Hyuk, stands by her side through heartache and helps her heal before revealing his own feelings. It’s a refreshing departure from typical romantic dramas, offering viewers a relatable and heartwarming journey of love and friendship.

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