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Celina Jaitly took a break in her acting career after playing a vital role in the 2011 film ‘Thank You’. The actress preferred her marital life but continued to be in touch with fans on social media. Now, she has taken to her Twitter account and wrote a strong note remembering when people teased her for not following traditional rules.
As International Women’s Day is around the corner, Celina Jaitly opened up about her most trolled photograph.Sharing the picture again where she’s wearing a swimsuit and breastfeeding one of her twins, Celina wrote, “With #womensday coming up, there is something I really want to talk about, how women are judged for not following the preconceived norms of being a mother, a woman even in today’s times. This was the most trolled photograph of me with my one-month-old #twinboys on the internet when it was first posted. While the #bikini had a lot to do with the trolling, I remember I was attacked for placing one of my love cakes (baby Winston) next to me and not holding him in my arms. I was called everything from being a witch to being a whore to being inconsiderate and whatnot.”
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She felt really bad for being human after reading all this hatred on social media towards her motherhood. “What went on behind the scenes is that babies don’t always want to be held. They love to kick their legs and feel free. When you have twins, you are also always switching between babies according to their needs. Viraaj in my lap had just finished feeding and Winston wanted to kick about and enjoy the sunshine and soak in the vitamin D. I was judged, trolled, called names for wearing a swimsuit (At a swimming pool, by the way). My husband @peterhaag was there throughout while our friend, celebrated #Lebanese photographer Maha Nasra Edde, made these beautiful memories for us. No one once thought of showing any consideration. I was being shamed for being human, for not losing my identity just because I became a mother, for my mothering skills which did not fit in with preconceived expectations.”

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She concluded by saying, “My husband @peterhaag said something very powerful that day, he said I must focus on reclaiming my power & courage in a culture of shame. I have always held that close to my mind whenever I am judged for going against the flow. I would want to say only one thing—if people are trying to bring you down, it only means that you are above them, don’t let anyone tell you to tone down your authentic self.”
In 2011, Celina married Peter Haag, a businessman from Austria. They had twin boys in 2012. Then, in 2017, Celina had twins again; unfortunately, one of them passed away because of heart problems. She was last seen in a short film on OTT, titled ‘Season’s Greetings’.

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