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Dia Mirza is undoubtedly one of the finest actors we have in the Indian film industry who has proved her mettle over the years with her choices of projects and performances. On the occasion of Women’s Day, ETimes caught up with the actress for a candid chat, where she shared empowering insights on breaking stereotypes, shaping narratives, and celebrating the strength of women on and off-screen.Excerpts…
How do you think the portrayal of women in Bollywood films has evolved over the years, and what changes would you still like to see?
From my own experience as a working actor, I have witnessed a significant shift in the portrayal of women in Bollywood films over the years. The emergence of the OTT era has allowed for more diverse and complex female characters, such as Kainaaz in ‘Kaafir’, challenging traditional stereotypes. While I am grateful for the opportunities to play diverse roles, I hope to see a day when films led by women are not labeled as ‘women-centric‘ but simply become the norm.What challenges do you think women face in the Indian film industry, and what steps can be taken to address them?
In the Indian film industry, women still face challenges in telling stories from their perspective and asserting their agency. However, the increasing presence of female directors, producers, and writers is paving the way for more inclusive narratives. Directors like Anubhav Sinha are unafraid to challenge gender norms, contributing to a thriving environment for women-led stories.
Can you share an experience where you felt empowered while working on a film set?
One empowering experience for me was working on ‘Dhak Dhak‘, where I felt empowered to portray a strong and independent character.

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In your opinion, what impact can movies have on shaping societal attitudes towards women and gender equality?
Movies have the power to shape societal attitudes towards women and gender equality, but they are just one part of the equation. It’s essential for everyone in the industry to be responsible and mindful of the messages they convey. In my work, I strive to address issues like gender equality, environmentalism, and social equity.

What advice would you give to aspiring actresses who are striving to make their mark in Bollywood while staying true to themselves?
For aspiring actresses, I would say that women today are more aware of their own power and don’t need to be told how to use it on and off-screen.
Lastly, how do you plan to celebrate International Women’s Day this year, and what message would you like to convey to your fans and followers?
This International Women’s Day, I urge everyone to empower women in their homes, neighborhoods, and communities. Women with agency make our world a better place.

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