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With a career spanning decades, Raveena Tandon is undoubtedly one of the most talented and loved actors we have in Bollywood. Her dedication to her craft and her commitment to authenticity have earned her widespread acclaim and admiration over the years. On the special occasion of Women’s Day, ETimes got in touch with the actress for a freewheeling interview where she offered candid reflections on the transformative power of cinema, the importance of authentic representation, and her unwavering commitment to championing gender equality. Excerpts…
How do you think the portrayal of women in Bollywood films has evolved over the years, and what changes would you still like to see?
I believe there has been significant progress in the portrayal of women in films. Earlier, female characters were often limited to stereotypes or served as mere accessories to the male lead. However, in recent times, there’s a noticeable shift towards more nuanced and empowered portrayals of women. We now see female characters taking center stage, driving the narrative, and breaking stereotypes.Despite this progress, there’s still room for improvement. I would like to see more diversity in the roles offered to women, including those that reflect the multifaceted nature of women in society. It’s crucial to move beyond clich├ęs and explore the complexities of women’s experiences, including their struggles, aspirations, and triumphs. Additionally, I hope to see more women in positions of power behind the scenes, such as directors, producers, and writers, to ensure authentic and inclusive storytelling. Overall, while there have been positive changes, there’s still work to be done to achieve true gender equality in Bollywood films.
What challenges do you think women face in the Indian film industry, and what steps can be taken to address them?
Women in the Indian film industry face various challenges, but there’s a positive momentum towards addressing them. Efforts to promote gender equality and provide more opportunities for women are gaining traction. Initiatives to empower female talent, challenge stereotypes, and foster inclusivity are helping create a more supportive environment. With continued dedication and collaboration, we’re making strides towards a brighter and more equitable future for women in the industry.

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Can you share an experience where you felt empowered while working on a film set?
Certainly! One memorable experience where I felt empowered on a film set was during the shooting of the movie ‘Daman.’ Portraying the role of a woman fighting against domestic violence, I felt a profound sense of purpose and empowerment. The character’s resilience and determination resonated with me deeply, and I was inspired by her strength. As we filmed scenes depicting her journey to break free from oppression, I found myself tapping into my own inner strength and conviction. It was a transformative experience that reaffirmed the power of storytelling and the impact of portraying strong, empowered women on screen.

In your opinion, what impact can movies have on shaping societal attitudes towards women and gender equality?
In my opinion, movies have a profound impact on shaping societal attitudes towards women and gender equality. Take, for example, my project ‘Daman,’ where I portrayed a woman fighting against domestic violence. Through this film, we aimed to shed light on the harsh realities faced by many women and challenge the status quo. Similarly, in ‘Aranyak,’ another project of mine, we explored themes of empowerment and resilience through the portrayal of complex female characters. When movies depict strong, independent women and advocate for gender equality, they not only entertain but also educate and inspire audiences. By leveraging the power of storytelling, films can play a crucial role in driving positive social change and promoting a more equitable and inclusive society.
What advice would you give to aspiring actresses who are striving to make their mark in Bollywood while staying true to themselves?
Stay true to yourself, believe in your talent, and never compromise your values. Keep working hard, stay focused, and embrace your uniqueness. Success will follow when you remain authentic to who you are.
Lastly, how do you plan to celebrate International Women’s Day this year, and what message would you like to convey to your fans and followers?
This International Women’s Day, I plan to celebrate by acknowledging the strength and resilience of women everywhere. I’ll spend time reflecting on the progress we’ve made and the work that still lies ahead in achieving true gender equality. My message to my fans and followers is simple: Let’s continue to uplift and support each other, break barriers, and strive for a world where every woman has the opportunity to thrive. Together, we can create a brighter and more inclusive future for all. Happy International Women’s Day!

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