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Sahil Salathia, who is known for his role in Panipat, attended a special screening of the Oscar-nominated documentary To Kill A Tiger in Los Angeles, where he lauded Priyanka Chopra, the executive producer, for her exemplary work.
Sharing pictures with Priyanka Chopra post-screening on his social media, Sahil hailed her as the ‘Biggest Global Icon‘ and expressed admiration for her commitment to impactful storytelling.
In his heartfelt note, Sahil praised the documentary’s powerful narrative and wrote, “This documentary will break your heart and make you cry and feel so much anger in portions because some of us still blame the rape victim and are not ready to stand up for her or her loved ones who have been victimised.”
He further expressed, “Priyanka Chopra ( @priyankachopra ) is not only THE BIGGEST GLOBAL ICON India has ever produced but she is the champion of standing up for the right causes. The girl is from Ranchi, had no film family connections and still made it to the absolute top (Not only in India but in the United States of America!) It makes my heart full that there are people like her who will talk the talk and walk the walk. #PriyankaChopra.”

Lauding the documentary’s director Nisha Pahuja, Sahil added, “You are exactly the filmmaker the world needs! The impact of your documentary is intensely high. I am anyway a very sensitive man and I take immense pride in that. I was crying like a 13 year old.. picking 13 as a reference because the victim was 13 too when this horrific incident happened. It’s an innocent age where you are super honest and the impact of what happens to you (good,bad or ugly!) is always huge. I really hope you win that Oscar tonight!! (it’s already the 10th of March in India.”

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To Kill a Tiger is a documentary based on the plight of story of a father, who goes in pursuit of justice, after his teenage daughter gets brutally raped.

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