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Pooja Bhatt recently discussed her experience with Bigg Boss 17 and shared the most significant compliment she received from Salman Khan during the show’s controversial run.
While discussing her commitment to her tasks, Pooja revealed the noteworthy compliment she received from Salman Khan during her stint on Bigg Boss 17. She recalled how she dedicated herself to the task of cleaning the bathrooms for eight weeks, and Salman acknowledged that they had never been cleaner in any previous season of the show.

Pooja is gaining attention for her web series ‘Big Girls Don’t Cry,’ a coming-of-age show that delves into the lives of young boarding school girls and the hurdles they face during their school journey.

In the show, Pooja portrays a strict Principal character. When questioned about her familiarity with boarding school environments, she revealed that she didn’t attend one herself. Instead, she attended a Parsi school in Bandra, Bombay, where she developed her love for reading and adopted the motto “work is worship.” This principle guides her approach to work, emphasizing the importance of putting her heart and soul into every endeavor.

Pooja Bhatt talks about niece and Ranbir Kapoor-Alia Bhatt’s daughter, Raha, calls her ‘brightest’ of all

The web series, directed by Nitya Mehra, Sudhanshu Saria, Karan Kapadia, and Kopal Naithani, follows the journey of eight young girls navigating the ups and downs of adolescence while attending a boarding school in Ooty. Starring Pooja Bhatt, Raima Sen, Zoya Hussain, and others, the series premiered on an OTT platform on March 14th.

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