Shaan raises concern over cloning culture, growing insecurity among artists: ‘Everyone is trying to sound like Arijit Singh’ | Hindi Movie News – Times of India

Playback singer Shaan recently expressed his thoughts on the current dynamics of the music industry, particularly addressing the clone culture and the growing insecurity among artists. He said that while Arijit Singh gets the lion’s share of good songs, many singers are trying to sound like Arijit since the business has become big.
“I think what’s happened in the recent past of course Arijit gets the lion’s share of good songs. Today, I think there’s a certain amount of insecurity in the music industry because the business is big. It’s also about numbers. It’s not as expensive as it used to be, the whole music production business to get in a big name that will guarantee a certain amount of stature to the song,” Shaan told Bollywood Bubble.
He then pointed out a trend where artists are pressured to imitate successful singers like Arijit Singh, leading to a lack of originality and diversity in vocal styles. “But whoever is even getting a chance to sing – I have said this before also – is trying to sound like Arijit. I mean, he’s doing his thing and he’s fantastic but then why the clones? I mean do your own thing because if they can’t get him, at least they’ll get a closer voice,” Shaan stated.

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The singer expressed concern over this clone culture stemming from insecurity and a reluctance to take creative risks. He advocated for embracing originality and allowing diverse voices to flourish in the music industry.

“It stems from some kind of insecurity. I feel that people aren’t willing to take a chance. You made a great song, it’s a fantastic setup, get a great voice, and sing it. Let him sing it or her sing it in her own style and space,” Shaan concluded.

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