Sidhu Moosewala’s father, Balkaur Singh, urges the government for patience amid the legal procedure: ‘If you believe I have broken any law…’ | – Times of India

In a heartfelt video message to the public, Sidhu Moosewala’s father Balkaur Singh addressed concerns regarding the legal status of his newborn son. Just days after the family rejoiced at the birth of their baby boy, he expressed his distress over facing inquiries from the government regarding the child’s legal documentation.
Expressing his plea directly to the government, Balkaur Singh requested that the treatment be allowed to be completed before any legal procedures.In his video, he said, “Sat Sri Akal to everyone. Today, I am speaking to you for a specific reason. As you know, just two days ago, by the grace of the almighty and your prayers, we were blessed, and Shubhdeep returned to us. However, I have been feeling disturbed since morning. I felt you should also be informed about the entire situation. The government is asking me to provide documents to prove the child’s legal status. I am being questioned about it. I want to request the government, especially the Chief Minister, to please allow the treatment to be completed. I reside here in Punjab and will visit whenever required. Please prioritize completing the treatment first.”
Asserting his son’s lifelong commitment to the law, Moosewala‘s father expressed readiness to undergo any legal scrutiny, inviting authorities to conduct a thorough investigation. He stated, “Throughout his 28 years, my son ensured he abided by the law. Coming from an army background, I too respect the law. I assure you, that I will cooperate fully with any legal inquiries. If you believe I have broken any law, feel free to arrest me. If you still doubt me, file an FIR against me, imprison me, and conduct your investigation.”
“I promise I will show you all the legal documents and come out of it clean. Thank you,” he concluded.

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