Shreyas Talpade thanks Akshay Kumar and Ahmed Khan for being by his family’s side during heart attack recovery, shares doctor’s advice | Hindi Movie News – Times of India

Shreyas Talpade recently opened up about his health scare by revealing details about the heart attack he suffered on the sets of Welcome To The Jungle in December 2023. In his recent interview, Shreyas discussed the family history of heart ailments that contributed to his condition and expressed gratitude for the support he received, particularly from colleagues like Akshay Kumar and Ahmed Khan and being there by his family’s side during the critical situation.
“Only God knows, to be very honest. Actually, we’ve had a very strong family history of heart ailments – my dad, my uncles, my aunts, everyone, my grandfather. They passed away after a heart attack, and it was quite sudden,” Shreyas told India Today.
The actor shared his experience during the critical moment on set and revealed that Akshay and Ahmed were just there when he suffered the heart attack while he was going to his vanity after just packing up the shoot. He said that the moment they got to know, they didn’t waste a single second.

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Shreyas also mentioned his mixed feelings about returning to the sets of Welcome To The Jungle after two-and-a-half months post the incident but he expressed his immense gratitude for the support he received from Akshay, Ahmed, and other friends from the Marathi industry.
“It’s just heartening to know that your friends – usually we just work and when the film is over, you go your own ways. But it’s just so sweet to know that these people are there with you if there is any eventuality happening,” he added.

Talking about what led to heart attack, Shreyas said, “My doctors tell me that post Covid, they’ve seen an increase in these incidents because the blood apparently has started thickening. With that, what happens is, obviously, there’s a certain plaque that accumulates. In my case, probably due to excessive physical exertion, the plaque burst and got ruptured. That’s how it got blocked. It was pretty sudden, and it was an accident which was unfortunate. I’m just thankful to God for getting me out of it and giving me one more opportunity.”
Shreyas also revealed that his doctors have advised him to go slow for now, do normal shoots and dialogues, but avoid heavier stuffs like action. “Everything will start a little later, maybe after four to six months,” he said.

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