Bigg Boss 16 Shalin

Exclusive: Shalin Bhanot’s Parents Talk About his Journey in Bigg Boss 16, Call him the ‘Strongest and Most Misinterpreted’ | People News

February 12, 2023

[ad_1] New Delhi: Fans have been supporting their favorites via various means across the country. There are flashmobs, Puja in temples, billboards and so much more. While others had already established fandom, Shalin’s popularity grew tenfold after his entry into Bigg Boss. During his journey video, Bigg Boss claimed that in the history of Bigg Boss, […]

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Bigg Boss 16: Shalin Bhanot Asks MC Stan to ‘Shut Up’ in Front of Journalists | Television News

February 8, 2023

[ad_1] New Delhi: In the upcoming episode of ‘Bigg Boss 16’, journalists will be seen entering the show and asking some power-packed questions to the contestants. A huge fight between MC Stan and Shalin Bhanot will be witnessed as Shalin would lose his cool with Stan and Shiv in the fake personality task. A promo […]

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Shalin Bhanot Launches Clothing Brand While Inside ‘Bigg Boss’ House | Television News

February 8, 2023

[ad_1] New Delhi: Shalin Bhanot has been one of the most talked about contestants of the season for his entertainment, spontaneity as well as his dressing sense.  From his weekend conversations with Salman to his drool-worthy body, Shalin has been the talk of the town and is now part of the Top 5 for this season […]

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‘Shalin was the Funniest…’: Gauahar Khan on Loving Bigg Boss 16 Contestant’s Funny Side | Television News

January 31, 2023

[ad_1] New Delhi: Bigg Boss has reached its final leg and we are 2 weeks away from the finale. Tina Datta’s eviction brought a breath of fresh air to the show. The actress was guilty of bullying Shalin for his mental illness all of last week making the usually chirpy Shalin very upset and retracted from […]

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Bigg Boss 16: Archana Gautam slams Shalin Bhanot for his behaviour post Tina Datta’s exit | Television News

January 30, 2023

[ad_1] New Delhi: ‘Bigg Boss 16’ contestant Archana Gautam criticised Shalin Bhanot for “destroying” the image of Tina Datta and Soundarya Sharma. She slammed him for dancing and singing after Tina left the show. Shalin discussed Tina’s exit with MC Stan and Shiv Thakare and said he was feeling better. After seeing his reaction, Archana said […]

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Bigg Boss 16: Shalin Bhanot nominates Tina Datta for the first time, calls her ‘fake, buri aurat’ | Television News

January 24, 2023

[ad_1] New Delhi: In the upcoming episode of ‘Bigg Boss 16’, the nomination task will get all heated up as Shalin Bhanot and Tina Datta will once again be seen in a spat. A promo was shared by the channel Colors on Instagram. It starts with Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia nominating Tina. Then comes Sumbul Touqeer […]

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Bigg Boss 16: ‘Lonely’ Shalin Bhanot cries, requests housemates to nominate him | Television News

January 23, 2023

[ad_1] New Delhi: In the upcoming episode of ‘Bigg Boss 16’, Shalin Bhanot will be seen in tears as he will ask Shiv Thakare and MC Stan to nominate him since he cannot take it anymore. A promo shared by the channel on Instagram starts with Shalin sitting alone in the bathroom. Sumbul Touqeer asks Nimrit […]

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Stay strong champ: Shalin’s public display of his anxiety made him fan’s favorite ‘Bigg Boss 16’ contestant overnight! | Television News

January 21, 2023

[ad_1] New Delhi: When Bigg Boss 16 was announced, they said that this year is going to be different than the rest & they made sure it was. From lesser physical tasks to more mental challenges, to give contestants enough hints on their game, Bigg Boss really did up their game, resulting in making this season […]

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Bigg Boss 16: Does Tina’s survival on the show depend on Shalin? Here’s what we know | Television News

January 13, 2023

[ad_1] New Delhi: Bigg Boss 16 finally enters its last leg as the finale is only 4 weeks away! Viewers are rooting for their favorites in the top 3 and the most common names that have surfaced are Priyanka, Shiv and Shalin as per popular polls.  As per sources Sreejita, Abdu & Sajid will leave […]

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Bigg Boss 16: Farah Khan becomes Shalin’s support system, tells Tina that she instigates fights! | Television News

January 10, 2023

[ad_1] New Delhi: The best week of Bigg Boss is currently on, every year the family week brings in high-voltage drama & an outburst of emotions & confrontations.  While this week would have been the finale week, the season received an extension due to the high TRPs. Last night saw Farah Khan, Shiv’s mother & Priyanka’s […]

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