Bigg Boss 17 episode preview

Bigg Boss 17 Episode Preview: Vicky’s Blame Game Continues As Media Questions His ‘Dominating’ Nature Towards Ankita | Television News

January 22, 2024

[ad_1] New Delhi: After an arduous journey of 16 weeks, the six finalists have come very close to lifting the trophy on COLORS’ ‘BIGG BOSS’, inspiring headlines and creating huge chatter on social media. Edging towards the finale, the top 6 finalists Ankita Lokhande, Vicky Jain, Munawar Faruqui, Mannara Chopra, Abhishek Kumar, and Arun Srikanth must […]

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Bigg Boss 17 Episode Preview: Ankita Lokhande, Husband Vicky Jain Get Into An Ugly Fight Over Mannara Chopra, TV Actress Breaks Down

January 8, 2024

[ad_1] The once-admired power couple is now in a heated spat over Vicky’s friendship with Ankita’s rival, Mannara Chopra. Ankita’s fuming over Vicky’s bond with Mannara, while Vicky can’t understand her perspective.  [ad_2] Source link

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Bigg Boss 17 Episode Preview: Tensions Flare As Nominations Trigger Explosive Reactions, Munawar And Arun Lock Horns

January 2, 2024

[ad_1] Grudges, bad blood and explosive opinions surface as contestants make sure their competition is snuffed out. Amid the drama, a verbal spat erupts between Munawar Faruqui and Arun Srikanth, who have often been on opposite sides of nearly every mudda. [ad_2] Source link

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Bigg Boss 17 Episode Preview: Contestants Face Unprecedented Eviction Dilemma Between Anurag, Ayesha And Abhishek

January 1, 2024

[ad_1] As the three nominees speculated about their fate, BIGG BOSS abruptly called all contestants to the hall for an urgent meeting.  [ad_2] Source link

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Bigg Boss 17 Episode Preview: Ankita, Aishwarya Sharma Lock Horns In Captaincy Task, 'Biasness' Takes Center Stage

December 21, 2023

[ad_1] The captain of the week will be chosen from among the housemates of the winning team with the maximum number of approved apple boxes.  [ad_2] Source link

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Bigg Boss 17 Episode Preview: Munawar And Ayesha Khan’s Chemistry Takes Centre Stage Amid Nominations

December 20, 2023

[ad_1] Grudges, rivalry, spats, personal attacks, and judgments steam up during this drill, but ‘BIGG BOSS’ has the biggest twist up his sleeves. [ad_2] Source link

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Bigg Boss 17, Shukravaar Ka Vaar Preview: Salman Khan Slams Munawar Faruqui For Being Uninteresting

December 15, 2023

[ad_1] Munawar Faruqui finds himself on the receiving end of megastar Salman Khan’s trademark blitzkrieg of reality checks. The host gives him a scathing review of his journey on the show by labelling the stand-up comedian as “uninteresting” and “cold”.  [ad_2] Source link

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Bigg Boss 17 Episode Preview: Munawar Faruqui Exposes Ankita Lokhande For Breaking Rules | Television News

December 14, 2023

[ad_1] New Delhi: In tonight’s episode of COLORS’ ‘BIGG BOSS’, Munawar Faruqui must make some big decisions after donning the throne as the first captain of the season of favouritism. The behind-the-scenes drama kicks off as the master of the house grants Munawar access to an unheard audio clip, exposing rule violation by Ankita Lokhande during […]

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Bigg Boss 17 Episode Preview: Aishwarya And Ankita Lock Horns In Season's First Captaincy Task

December 13, 2023

[ad_1] For this task, the garden area turns into a scavenging field for a makeshift vulture that will pick pieces of meat, on which the housemates must write the name of the contestant they want to vote out of the captaincy drill.  [ad_2] Source link

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