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Did Lily Collins clone Alia Bhatt’s dress in her new show on OTT, Emily in Paris? – Times of India

December 23, 2022

What has changed in the past decade or so is the fact that our Indian stars have become global icons and can hold their own against international entertainment personalities. Emily in Paris, Season 3, premiered on OTT two days ago and Lily Collins, who acts in the series was spotted wearing the same pink printed […]

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A Quiet Place: Part II Movie Review: Leaves you speechless

October 8, 2021

STORY: This sequel to the much acclaimed ‘A Quiet Place,’ not only tracks the origin of the mysterious alien monsters, who kill at the slightest sound but also takes the story forward with more mayhem and destruction. Will anyone survive this unimaginable horror, this time around? REVIEW: Hollywood’s love for the sequels is as old […]

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