Lee Dong Wook

Korean Celebrities Share Heartfelt Lunar New Year Wishes | – Times of India

February 11, 2024

Falling on the second new moon after the winter solstice, Seollal or Korean New Year is a cherished festival and national holiday that typically occurs in January or February, serving as a time for family gatherings, ancestral rites, and traditional customs. This year, February 10 marked the joyous occasion in South Korea as the nation […]

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Lee Dong Wook BTS Glimpse: ‘A Shop for Killers’ Behind the Scenes | – Times of India

February 9, 2024

Lee Dong Wook, the charismatic actor, delighted fans with a captivating behind the scenes glimpse of his latest series, ‘A Shop for Killers‘, via his Instagram account. The series, which recently wrapped up its last episode on February 7, has garnered significant attention for its intense action-packed storyline. In the series of snapshots shared by […]

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Lee Dong-wook Sends Fans Into Frenzy with Jaw-Dropping Physique and Shirtless Avatar in ‘A Shop for Killers’ | – Times of India

February 2, 2024

Fans were treated to some sizzling looks with the release of episodes five and six of the suspenseful drama, ‘A Shop for Killers’, starring the charismatic Lee Dong-wook and the talented Kim Hye-joon. The drama unfolds as the protagonist, Jeong Ji-an, portrayed by Kim Hye-Joon, grapples with a new reality after the sudden demise of […]

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Lee Dong Wook and Kim Hye Joon starrer ‘A Shop for Killers’: Cast, plot, release date, streaming details | – Times of India

January 17, 2024

As the clock ticks down to the highly-anticipated premiere of ‘A Shop for Killers‘ the buzz surrounding the South Korean web series continues to reach fever pitch. Starring the charismatic duo Lee Dong Wook and Kim Hye Joon, the drama, set to debut on January 17, promises an enthralling cocktail of intense action, assured performances, […]

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Lee Dong-wook shares challenges of realistic combat scenes in series ‘A Shop for Killers’ – Times of India

January 15, 2024

Lee Dong-wook, Kim Hye-jun, Seo Hyun-woo, Jo Han-sun, Park Ji-bin, Geum Hae-na, and director Lee Kwon attended the press conference of their highly-anticipated series ‘A Shop for Killers’ on January 15 in Yeouido, Seoul. ‘A Shop for Killers’ unfolds the gripping tale of Jeong Ji-an, portrayed by Kim Hye-jun, who finds herself in the crosshairs […]

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Lee Dong Wook reveals the REAL reason why he dyed his hair silver – Times of India

January 5, 2024

Last month, Lee Dong Wook took his fans by surprise as he debuted a silver hair colour. The popular actor was gearing up for a fan meeting and decided to go for a complete transformation. He left everyone intrigued by his decision to adapt a K-pop idol-esque style.The ‘Tale of the Nine Tailed‘ actor recently […]

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Lee Dong Wook shares the secret to his long and successful career without any controversies – Times of India

December 31, 2023

After ‘Single in Seoul‘, Lee Dong Wook has moved onto his next project, a thriller drama titled ‘A Shop for Killers’. In a recent interview, the actor opened up about his longevity and key to enduring success in the entertainment industry.Back in 1999, Lee Dong Wook began his acting journey with a single-episode MBC drama. […]

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Lee Dong Wook dishes out Idol vibes in silver hairdo; Fans react – Times of India

December 17, 2023

Lee Dong Wook treated fans to an all new look in his latest Instagram post and it was met with mixed reactions from netizens. From fans calling the actor grand-pa to others comparing him to a K-pop idol… Lee Dong Wook’s experimental hairdo evoked a flurry of emotions from his admirers. “Are you a K-pop […]

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Fan says Lee Dong Wook’s ‘Single In Seoul’ fan service has Cillian Murphy vibes – Times of India

December 10, 2023

South Korean heartthrob Lee Dong Wook made headlines once again as he graced the event for the premiere of his latest film, ‘Single in Seoul’, alongside co-star Im Soo Jung. The actor’s interaction with fans during the opening of the romantic comedy garnered attention for its nonchalant yet endearing nature. Lee Dong Wook, known for […]

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Lee Dong-wook: Lim Soo-jung has a lovely side in real life – Times of India

November 22, 2023

Lee Dong-wook recently sat down for an interview to discuss his latest film, ‘Single in Seoul,’ at a cozy cafe in Samcheong-dong, Seoul. The actor warmly recommended the movie to fans, suggesting that it could add a spark to relationships. He mentioned that for those going through breakups, the film might evoke memories of happier […]

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