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Jennifer Lopez Opens Up on Jane Fonda, Sofia Vergara, Ben Affleck and Sadhguru’s Cameos in Upcoming Musical ‘This Is Me… Now’ | – Times of India

February 11, 2024

Jennifer Lopez is doing what few other singers have done before – releasing a movie musical titled ‘This is Me…Now: A Love Story’. The film, which arrives in time for Valentine’s week, is a “surrealistic, escapist” look at a hopeless romantic’s journey through life. The musical which also acts as an album, is a sequel […]

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Jennifer Lopez opens up on the media influence on her early relationship with Ben Affleck and what sets it apart now | English Movie News – Times of India

December 21, 2023

Jennifer Lopez reflects on the impact of media attention on her relationship with Ben Affleck in a recent interview. The couple, famously known as “Bennifer,” faced intense scrutiny from the press during their initial relationship in the early 2000s. Lopez shared that they now have a sense of “PTSD” due to the media coverage they […]

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